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3-11 shift taaaadey. hope pregnant women and gyne patients have holidays. (i wish)

life is but a dream

i consider you as a dream i once knew.

i told you everything that there was.

i considered you someone i can rely on.

i have loved you.

then there was none. 

how can this happen.

a lot of years passed. still.

but i haven’t forgotten.

though i dont know you anymore.

i knew you then.

i want to tell you all over again.

my dreams and my realities.

my hopes and my fears.

my triumphs and pains.

my laughter and my sorrows.

and in return you’d tell me stories of you.

i loved your stories. like a child i’d listen to it all day.

it was fun. im happy with you.

i realized that for many years i havent found someone.

someone i can talk to. 

wholeheartedly without complications. no questions. but then again.

i know deep in my heart people change feelings changed.

i decided i’d talk to the old you. somewhere in my old memories.

somewhere beyond reality where they dont know what we had. 

in my dreams i would reach out to you. tell you how you’ve been.

but thats just that.

then there was none again. 

the fault in our stars.

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